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About us

Hills Business Network was founded by Tracey New, a veteran in the business world with a wealth of experience starting, growing, buying and selling multiple businesses. As a Business & Life Coach, Tracey has a unique ability to discover & draw out what the genuine issues are and develop solutions to solve these issues so the business/person can move forward to greater success.

Tracey’s knowledge and experience is priceless in terms of the value it can bring to your business adding credence to her motto of “Transform Your Business, Transform Your Life”. Tracey has helped a multitude of businesses and their owners transforming them from struggling, or even about to go under entities, to thriving and flourishing organisations.

Seeing the need in the business networking market for a Network that not only provides great referrals, but also provides support, education & inspiration to business owners without the need for them to do more work being a member, Tracey launched the Hills Business Network to provide the supportive and professional environment that business owners need.
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I have been a part of HBN since the start, and I have not regretted my decision. The level of support, kindness and referrals is insurmountable. HBN is so welcoming and I leave each meeting feeling motivated and inspired to work harder in my business, and to support and find business for my fellow HBN members. Thank you Tracey for the opportunity to join such a fabulous group. Can’t wait for more meetings to come! 😊

Hannah Slater
H Bookkeeping

Networking is such a great and powerful way to grow your business. I am so glad to be apart of HBN, a group that is focused on growing peoples business and also their personal life as well!

Highly recommend to any business owner looking to grow their business & themselves

Joel New

This is a great networking group. The members are all high calibre business people and a very supportive, encouraging team. Highly recommend

Louise Gebran
Style My Brand

HBN is one of the best decisions I have made for my local service-based business. Meeting with like-minded, successful and local professionals each week is not only a great environment, but great referral network. I have grown my business thanks to the help and networking facilitated at HBN. Highly recommend for anyone serious about growing their business, or meeting like-minded local professionals.

Kristy Brisbane
Allsorts Sorted